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Table of Contents

  • General Rules and Guidelines. 
  • Players VS Player rules. 
  • General PvP Rules. 
  • War. 
  • Sièges. 
  • Result, Peace Treaty, Cease Fire. 
  • Hunt. 
  • Raiding. 
  • Claiming Rules. 
  • Sir/Knight (Military title no claim)
  • Lordship and Principality. 
  • Kingdom.. 
  • Rights and duties of a king. 
  • None faction groups
  • Rules for builders and other staff
  • Ban appeal.
  • Civil War




General Rules and Guidelines

General rules and guidelines are something that needs to be followed ALL THE TIME.

  • No swearing in chat.

  • We expect a mature attitude from all of our players.

  • When OOC uses brackets

  • When in main chat only use English and LOTR Languages.

  • No Hacks (X-ray, fly etc) or any mods which give you an unfair advantage.

  • No generators or anything.

  • Keep your alignment display on at all times, Map location may be off.

  • You can’t have positive alignment with an enemy faction (Good can’t have positive with any evil, not just the “enemy” factions in the factions menu)

  • Mithril gear and equivalents (Gondolin armor) are not allowed in any PvP

  • Please do not destroy generated build

  • Please do not purposely ruin landscape (e.g Cutting down half trees and leaving a floating forest and ruining mod-made roads, walls and bridges while not replacing it)

  • Overworld and Utumno are forbidden. Only Middle-earth is allowed.

  • No Alternate accounts (2nd, 3rd, 4th... accounts).

  • Mob-grinders and vanilla enchants are illegal.

  • You are not allowed to set Waypoints to another player's base(s) without their permission.

  • Bases and custom waypoints need to be at least 1000 blocks away from each other if the owner does not allow you to set one at their base.

  • Glitching yourself into bases is not allowed, this includes glitching with mounts.
    (Climbing bases with Spiders is only allowed during wars)

  • Building at any waypoint/lore location requires Staff’s permission.

  • The server supports consented PvP. For this purpose the PvP Mode mod is implemented. See PvP Rules for more detailed info.

  • Without permission of the owner of a build you may not enter that build, even not when the gates are open or protection is off.



Players VS Player rules.

  • This is a server that supports PvP. However, this is not the kind where people can dally around slaughtering each other on a whim. PvP is consented and supported by the PvP Mode mod, which allows players to toggle their ability, and that of their hired units, to fight other players, and their hired units. In addition to that, we have rules on PvP during wars and raiding. General PvP rules apply to all types of PvP.

  •  If you want to toggle your PvP Mode, use /pvp. Use /pvplist to see who else is available for PvP.

  • The toggle has a cooldown time of 10 minutes and a warmup time of 1 minute. If your PvP Mode switches to ON, this is announced in general chat to everyone on the server.

  • If you make up your mind before the PvP Mode is switched, you can use /pvpcancel to cancel the mode switch.

  • Once your PvP Mode is ON, the list command also shows the approximate distance between you and other players with PvP Mode ON. The proximity radar provides only distance info, not direction! The distance is rounded up to units if 100 blocks.

  •  More info on the PvP Mode mod can be found here: https://github.com/VulcanForge/pvp-mode/wiki


General PvP Rules.

·         Players are only allowed to use gear from their own faction crafting table or iron/bronze/fur/leather/wood/stone gear.

·         No Brews, Potions, Draughts etc.

·         No Mithril gear  

·         No traps, lava, explosions or anything similar is allowed

·         NOTE: If you have guests in your home and you poison their drinks and go all “Red Wedding” then you can kill them, however, you will probably be condemned and immediately have war declared on you.



  • Wars are fought between two kingdoms. Only the leader of a kingdom can declare a war.
  • If the opponents wish to make special rules for their war, both sides need to agree on them and have them approved by Staff.
  • Kingdoms can not declare war on each other without meeting these requirements:
  1. ​​​​​​​Kingdoms can only declare war on each other if they share a borderline OR if the land in between them is unclaimed(without a leader yet) or part of an allied kingdom.
  2. To declare war on an faction that isn’t sharing a border line with you or has unclaimed/ allied lands between you, you have to conquer the lands between first. (example if Isengard wants to attack Gondor and rohan has a king, Isengard has to conquer rohan first)
  3. Sea’s count as an unclaimed area, for example umbar may attack Lindon from the sea. They have to build ships to do so and control them with the movecraft plugin.
  4. If the land in between the warring kingdoms is an ally then war can only be declared with that ally’s permission.
  5. When declaring a war upon an enemy faction, the King from said faction must be online. (Being online within the server`s discord counts for a war declaration.)
  6. At the start of the war you must inform both opponent and staff of your siege able lordships, staff will check this, and all builds that has been approved for lord ship may be sieged in war, if those players are active, on the server(both minecraft or discord) and the faction.
  • After war is declared the participating kingdoms can call allied kingdoms to aid in sieges and battles.

    •  Allied kingdoms in a war need to accept your aid. You cannot aid without their permission, you can not join a battle that has been started already.

    • Allies can only participate in war conflicts if their ruler gives permission (Both staff and all factions participating in the conflict must be aware of this)

    • All the allied factions that will aid 1 of the sides have to be listed in #battles-and-wars in the discord, sellsword companies to.

  • Info about the battles can be found in the Siege page


Sieges are the main part of wars. In sieges you attack an opponent's building in order to conquer it. If you successfully win the siege, your kingdom will get the build. (NOTE: you cannot alter the build you conquer in any way. Only replacing banners is allowed), And repair damage of the siege.

NOTE: in a siege must all involved players have PVP mode on!!!

NOTE: the neutral overseer of the staff need to be online for battles, you can contact him on discord( head admin), he checks if everyone is following the rules, before during and after.

NOTE: Announce a seige at least 24h before the seige. Seiges can be announced in the battles and wars channel in the discord.


  • Below are listed all the rules of sieges

    • You can only declare a siege on a building that is listed as siege able (lordships and capital)

    • Only a King or a Lord can declare a siege.

    • There must be at least 1 player online from both sides once a siege is declared. (Server Discord activity counts unless you have an absence running at the time or can provide a valid reason not to be on.)

    • Banners must be removed or set self-protection off so explosives and ladders can be placed

      • If the Lord in command of the build is not online, the other players need to have patience and wait for his return.
        (All siege-able Lorebuilds listed for that war, that has not been gifted command to either vassal/Lord goes for the Leader`s activity.

  • ·     To get inside the build you must use ladders or break walls with explosives (You are only allowed to use enough explosives to get into the wall, an unreasonable amount of explosives can be punishable.)

    You are not allowed to place new traps during a siege

    • o    Ladders can’t be placed inclined. They must form 1 line heading straight upwards.

  • ·         Maximum troop amount per player in a siege is 20, but can be reduced to 10 to avoid lag

    • o    Ologs and Trolls count as 3.

    • o    Troops must be your faction’s troops.

  • You can change their weapons and armor to anything from your faction.

  • ·         

  • ·        
    If you die, you are not allowed to rejoin the siege.

    • You are not allowed to tp or fast travel yourself near the base that you are going to siege. you can however use build in waypoints from the game of an allied or neutral faction

  • ·    
    Siege ends when the other side is either killed off, fleeing or have      surrendered.

    Result, Peace Treaty, Cease Fire

War ends when all the enemy’s siege able builds have been taken or both sides agree on a peace treaty or cease fire. Peace treaties must be approved by Staff.

·         Winner of the war gets the enemy biome and the builds they took.

·         Loser must return all the builds it conquered during war.
  (unless else is agreed upon in a peace treaty)


         Raids are PvP events that can only be initiated by Lords, Princes or Kings. In the event of a raid, an attack is made on an Independent Lordship, Principality or Kingdom. When a Kingdom or Principality is raided, one of their Lordships or the Capital must be chosen to raid. Raids follow these protocols:

·         The person allowed to declare raids are listed in Leader benefits

·         At least two players from each realm have to be present on the server (NOTE: Staff that are assisting players or performing WE do not count as present)

  • You can only raid a Lordship/Capital when the Lord of that place is online

    • Both the King and the 2 appointed Lords count for a Kingdom’s Capital.

  • No aiding other realms.

·         NPC troops are not allowed.

·         Attackers must be at the lordship/capital they wish to attack to declare a raid.

·         Members of the defending side are given 5 minutes to teleport to the build and prepare

·         Rules concerning raiding are identical to siege rules (Withholding players required and troops)

·         The range where you can raid has to be logical (An Arnorian lord can’t attack an Easterling lord), to know if you can raid a city ask the staff.

·         The victorious side will receive 2000 coins from the defeated side and may affect lordship borders if the lordships are neighbours.

  • If defeated side doesn’t have that much. Discuss another payment method.


Sir/Knight (Military title no claim)

to get the Sir rights you need to have a house/room in the build of a lord or king of your faction. and +1000 alignments



You need to build a holdfast/keep/castle for lord:

  • It needs to be in your faction biomes

  • It needs to be finished

  • If you use a spawned structure as a base for your claim, you must substantially change the buildings or built new ones

  • It needs to have good defences like arrow holes, but also nature barriers are okay like the valley of Rivendell, and the mountains behind helms deep.

  • It must look Realistic (e.g no floating blocks)

  • It need to have a blacksmith/forge room, armoury, storage, throne room, kitchen, a council room/hall and a bedroom for the lord

  • It is recommended but not required to keep it in lore style

  • And you may choose what you build (a keep walled city/village or a walled tent camp like the Romans used during a siege) it doesn't matter how it looks but what you including in it

  • And you need to have +500 alignment with your faction

  • Once you think you’ve met these requirements ask an admin to check your stronghold, once you have approvals from admins you are now officially a lord(or whatever noble title you choose) Staff has every right not to approve your build if it doesn’t meet our requirements!

  • Once you meet in all satisfies you get the title you choose, but it needs to be clear of which faction you are.



To become king you need to be a lord and you need to fight against another lord of your faction in the arena and win.

For the fight you need to be lord and find another lord that want to be king or you need to fight the current king (when you can’t find another lord inform a admin ,if you haven’t found a lord after 7 days from informing, you can fight against a admin). It is also possible to be chosen by letting all players of that faction vote for a new king. More than ⅔ of the players need to vote for you.

And you need +1000 for your faction to participate.

·         You need to ask a admin to be the referee

·         You need to use the gear from your faction bow, spears and other flying objects are forbidden.

·         If your faction has already a king and you want to become the new one you need to fight against the king and the king may not refuse it

·         After yoz a lord

Note: if multiple lords want to be king they need to fight against them all and the one who wins the most battles wins, if there is already a king the winning lord may fight against the king

Note: all players of your faction/biome are able to look at the fight


Rights and duties of a king

As king you have a few rights

§  You are allowed to declare war on the enemy without counselling with your lords

§  You may let your lords pay tax, this may only be in food what you can use for new players in your faction (max 1 stack of seeds or 0/5 stack of raw food or 0,25 stack of prepared food or 2 of  food you can place like a block (cake) per month). If a lord can’t pay you can let him work for you like harvest the fields. Until they deliver the double of the tax you ask for

§  You may ask admins for traders or lords/captains NPC in your build

But as king you have also duties

§  You must help new players of your faction with a start

§  and you need to provide in jobs for players who don't want to claim like making them a knight of the kingdom or hunter or something else. Its up to you


Custom factions

You can create a custom collection on this server, but it has to for fill some requirements.

  • You must create a backstory of destruction but in it how it came to existing

  • You have to subscribe to what the build style is, what armour and Gear to use based on the existing sections and what alignment they use.

  • You have to pick an area where this faction is located from an unclaimed territory.

  • And get at least 3 players to join this faction

None faction groups.

You can join 1 of the none faction groups good sellsword and trader, evil sellsword and trader or Neutral Merchant. the 2 goods may build in every good faction and may begin there own clan/company. for evil it is the same but they may do it in evil factions. and Merchants may build everywhere, have alignment with all factions and trade with all. 


You can make a Company with it's own name. To make that you need to have a head build and 2 other players that will join you and for traders and merchants at least 2 external builds (builds of other players that are member of a faction) where you can trade on the market or a kind of shop. Or a harbor where you can land your ship.


Ban appeal.

Are you banned? Chances are great there's a possibility you can get un-banned, this depends the severity of the the offense that you committed. Ban appeals that don't provide the information listed in the format will automatically be denied. Be courteous during your appeal, keep in mind we are giving you a second chance and you'll have to show your best side!

·         Your Minecraft username:

·         When did you get banned (Date and time if possible)?

·         Do you share your account with anyone?

·         Which staff member banned you?

·         Why were you banned and do you think the ban was fair?

·         Why should we unban you?

Send this format to our Discord!


Rules for builders and other staff.

  • Use your permissions to commands not for your own benefit, they are for checking builds of other players giving prefix to new lords/ladies and king/queen, and building on lore builds and public places like a PvP arena

  • Don't build none lore builds without permission of an Admin or the Owner

  • Don't tp around the world to unlock way points

  • Don't farm alignment with commands or in creative


If you don't follow 1 of those rules you will lose your perms by instant

                          Civil War

Once you become the ruler/king of a faction all the Lore builds that your faction currently owns becomes yours. (this includes lore builds gained by expansion or war) When you get vassals/Lords under you they have the right to pick one of your factions lore builds (but the capital) for themselves to command. 


When one of your vassals declares independency from you they gain both their lord build, the lore build they picked from your faction plus any additional once gifted from their ruler
as their seperatist faction`s settlements until more are conquered or claimed during the civil war.

If you as another lord of this faction chooses to join in on the seperatist side then your lord build and all lore builds under your command also becomes siege able lordships within that faction. Both of your lord builds are your own “individual capitals” and once it is taken out, your faction and rebellion is utterly destroyed unless you manage to win the civil war by either getting the leadership to surrender or to lose every settlement through battle.

If a lord declares independency before he picks a lore build from your faction, he/she likely missed this out and thus we have all the faith in our rulers and staff that they will retrieve a lore build all the same despite the breakout from your faction.