Legends of middle earth is a custom carecter rp server, meaning we dont have lore characters from Tolkiens stories. Instaed you can make your own story, your legends, as long it fits to our own backstory, which contineus on where Tolkien stopped. you can become a leader and fight for power, land or peace, marry with an other leader and unite your realms, or become a trader or marchent and trade your way to the top, or become a marcenary and benefit from war. and if you rather choose a quiet live you can always become a farmer miner or anything else far away from the politics of Middle earth.

We have the armourers workshop mod to create custom content like crowns, relics and furniture for our builds.

We have a small nice staff team, a developer who made the soundtriger plugin and is about to make a plugin that has been requested for a while now by our players.
Our volunteer builders, together with the gama build team we hire, are working real hard on the lore builds, when there finished players are able to live in those builds within there own faction