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the high king of the high elves, ruler of both Rivendell and Lindon, togheter with her husband Amisra high queen of the high elves



King of Lindon

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Currently we are working on a new ranking system, by now (18-1-2022) we have all ranks on paper and made all requirements for the builds. We still have to work those requirements out in tems of build size and what opject should be included in the interiur. We also have to make a list of minimum benefits for every rank( the faction leader is allowed to give more than the minimum benefits).

This is the lest of ranks we have:

0= faction less and outlaws. This is where everyone who didn't join a faction is placed, also when you are banned from a faction your also 0 for that faction.

1=pheasent/student , once you have choosen a faction your joureny can start, you may choose your own path/job. Will you join the military, become a merchant, miner, farmer, craftsman or anyting else? Its all up to you

2=Guild member/teacher, to get here you will have to build your own workshop or other source of income fiting your chosen path, for players who joined the military there will be a custom quest to forfill.

3=Guild master/knight, at this point you are a noble although not some with real power (more a honner title/noble). To get here you will need 500 alignment for your faction and need to build your own HQ, or finnish a Hard custom quest and have the permision for the local lord(rank 4 or higher)( when there is none yet staff will give you the permision/knight you)

4=Baron, This is the firts real Noble title, to get here you will need a other 250 alignment(750 in total) and a base with the same requirements as the curremt lord requirements only more worked out( so no tent camps anymore). this Noble will get a small peace of land around his base of his own.

5=visecount, the visecount will have to start to build a village/town as well as farmlands for his citizens as well as a military build and a comunity build. he also need to build a servent wing inside his fortress , and raise his alignment with a other 250(1000 in total), the land that is under his controll will be increased

6=earl, you will have to add more houses and farm land for your citizens build 1 more military build and comunety build and add a noble guest wing to your fortress+ 250 alignment (1250) the land under his controll will be increased

7= Marquees, the marquees will need even more houses and farms 2 more military builds and 1 more comunety build. He also need to add stables to the palace+ 250 alignment(1500)

8=Duke, he will need his own city for atleast 100 citizens, 6 military builds in total, 5 comunety builds in total, a wall around his city, A main road from his city towarts the main road of he faction(generated by the mod) (only the first 200 meters if your to far away) paths to your farmlands, vilages or other builds that are outside the city wall. And the palace has to be exanded with a bigger councill room, a balroom, feast hall and gardens+ 250 alignment (1750)

9= king, +250 alignment (2000), be choosen by your people, usurp the throne with cival war, be named crown prince by the current ruler or be named king by the almighty staff Members when there is nobody else in your faction.


The details of all builds will come soon.

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